Company history

RNF Ventures Ltd. is a locally owned, Prince Albert based, General Contracting company that is firmly entrenched in the local economy.  Over the past 40 years, we have successfully completed a vast array of major commercial, multi-family residential, institutional and light industrial projects, as well as many renovations and special projects. 


RNF Ventures Ltd. origins stretch back to the spring of 1979.  Although there have been a few changes in the corporate structure and brand, the philosophy of the current leadership group has remained the same.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve on how we can deliver our clients a quality product at a fair price and in a timely manner.  As we are based in Prince Albert, we feel we are strategically located to be a viable option for the larger centres to the South but can also take full advantage of the opportunities presented in the Northern portion of the province.  While our traditional client base is in Central and Northern Saskatchewan, we have successfully completed projects in every corner of the province and many in Eastern Alberta.


Since our inception, there have been numerous ebbs and flows in the marketplace.  Our growth patterns have been conservative during times of prosperity, which has allowed us to endure the hardships of a fluctuating economy.  We are firm in our belief that a measured approach to our growth is also positively reflected in the quality of our staff which, in turn reflects in the quality of our work.  We have a solid financial base which allows us to remain strong in uncertain times.


RNF Ventures is well known in the industry and is well respected for our open, honest and transparent interaction with clients, consultants, sub-trades and suppliers.  This approach has been key in the development of strong ties and good working relationships with those we work with everyday.  We are proud supporters of our community and our industry.  We have been recognized by the Merit Contractors Association for our community involvement and numerous members of our staff have served or are serving at the highest levels of industry Boards and committees.


Safety in the workplace is of primary importance for us.  We received the Certificate of Recognition (COR) as recognized by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA), in 1997.  We were the 16th company in the province to achieve COR status and are recognized as one of the longest members in continuous good standing.  We still maintain those values in the COR program and continue to find ways to improve on ensuring our people get home safely every day.


Our company enjoys a track record of steady sustainable growth.  While customer satisfaction is of significant importance to us, we never lose sight of the main engine of our success, our people.  We are very proud of the fact that we have numerous team members with over 20 years of service, with some approaching 30 years with the firm.  We endeavor to start with quality individuals, with an emphasis on continual improvement in their development.  A large portion of our people are truly home grown.  Some of our most trusted and prominent staff members came to work for us out of high school or summer employment programs. We are proud that with our encouragement and support they have become leaders in our company, and no doubt will one day be leaders in the industry.  Our blend of experience and youthful exuberance, in the field and in the office position us well to take on the challenges that lie ahead.  Our team… our people… are the key ingredients to our longevity and are of paramount importance to our continued success in delivering quality, cost effective and safety conscious projects.