Why Choose a Career with RNF Ventures?

We are team focused:

  • At RNF Ventures we pride ourselves on our committed team approach.
  • All of the people, at all levels of involvement within our organization work together on common goals to achieve the outcome for which we all strive.

We have a strong sense of community:

  • We encourage volunteerism through participation with worthwhile causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life and Movember.
  • We promote and donate to community enhancement endeavours such as those noted above as well as amateur sports, arts and culture, the Safe Shelter for Women, Catholic Family Services, Children’s Haven and the Food Bank to name a few.
  • RNF Ventures was a proud recipient of the inaugural Saskatchewan Construction Award of Excellence, for community involvement.
  • RNF Ventures was a finalist for the Saskatchewan Construction Association’s Community Involvement Award.

We value and respect our people:

  • We recognize that our most valuable assets are our people.  For us this is not simply a cliche, it is a fact.
  • We value and respect the cultural and ethnic diversity of our employees.
  • As our most valued asset, our employee’s personal and family needs come first.
  • Our people understand that they are a part of a team and work alongside their peers to meet the Company’s objectives.
  • Our staff is enouraged to bring forward new ideas and initiatives to help us improve & streamline our systems.  This is particularily true with respect to Health & Safety.


  • We recognize that each employee has a unique contribution to make, and our responsibility as a company is to ensure they have the tools and environment they need to thrive and to succeed in becoming the best they can be.

Exciting & Enjoyable:

  • We have a fairly aggressive social calendar we share with our people. Only by keeping everyone engaged, not only on the jobsite but away from it as well, can you truly make your workplace a desirable place to be.
  • We do our utmost to ensure our people have an opportunity to experience all aspects of the work we do, in an effort to keep them fresh and enthused, and expose then to a varied workplace.

Training & Education:

  • We understand that in order to help our people help us to succeed we must provide a fertile atmosphere to do so.
  • We are huge supporters of the apprenticeship programs.
  • We provide career enhancement training in addition to job specific and Health & Safety training.
  • All of our senior management are Gold Seal Certified. We are working towards Gold Seal as a standard for our field supervisors.


  • RNF Ventures offers a comprehensive benefit plan to all of those who work for the company.
  • We offer a shared pension plan.
  • We are COR certified and strive to be a leader in worksite safety.
  • We promote wellness for all members of our team.